Go and wear your black bonnet, you can’t sue me – Lizzy Anjori hits back at lyabo Ojo


Lizzy Anjorin, a Nigerian actress, has hit back at Iyabo Ojo, daring her to wear her customary black bonnet and speak normally because calling her name does nothing.

Recall Following prior call out videos that were implicitly directed at Liz, Iyabo Ojo dared Liz to announce her identity.

In response to Iyabo’s claims that she owes her money for a movie, Lizzy stated that the former didn’t look good in the film, which is why she wasn’t paid for her role as a prostitute.

Lizzy then slammed those who want her to call Iyabo Ojo’s name directly with her full chest rather than indirectly.

She implied that if she doesn’t mention any names, it will be impossible to bring a court case.

The Thespian accused Ojo once more of sleeping with Naira Marley and that she damages the lives of everyone around her. She mentioned names like Baba jèsà.

Lizzy Anjorin slammed Iyabo Ojo for instructing Mohbad’s wife to be silent and not speak her truth in order to receive money online. She claimed she should have maintained the same level of vigour when her daughter’s sex tape was allegedly leaked. Lizzy, who continued calling Iyabo ‘Shepeteri,’ asked why she didn’t instruct her daughter to be quiet and instead allow her daughter speak up and clear the issue.

She went as far as claiming that a certain song Mohbad sang was an insult directed at Iyabo Ojo.

Watch her speak below:

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