Mohbad’s mother and I were to remarry a month prior his death – Late singer’s father spills



The late Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, has publicly stated that he granted his son’s request to remarry the singer’s mother while he was still living.

Mohabd’s father described the day he lost his son and how he found out about his health condition from his mother in a recent interview.

The bereaved Mr. Joseph Aloba claims that, because of their cordial relationship, he received a call from his ex-wife at his late son’s request.

He said that Mr. Joseph had consented to Mohbad’s wish for them to get back together and have another legitimate marriage as husband and wife.

At the point of his death, it was a month before the wedding he had planned for his father and mother. In his words:

“Mohbad’s mother called to tell me “your son is sick and at the hospital”. We were on good terms, it was a month to the wedding he wanted to do for me and his mother. He is a child I love and it was what he wanted me to do. He said the stress of meeting us at different locations was stressful.”

Watch him speak below:

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