Nine-year-old Ayden Elijah is on the “naughty list” this holiday season as he stars in the Disney holiday heist movie, The Naughty Nine.

If you haven’t heard about this new Disney holiday treat, listen up! This is unquestionably one for the entire family to sit back, relax and enjoy all season long.

Here is a brief synopsis of what action Disney fans can expect from JustJaredJr.com.

Mischievous fifth grader Andy finds himself without a present from Santa on Christmas morning. Realizing he must have landed on the “naughty list” and feeling unfairly maligned, Andy pulls together a team of eight other “naughty listers” to help him execute an elaborate heist in Santa’s Village at the North Pole to get the presents they feel they deserve. Along the way, the group comes to realize that the very best way off the naughty list is to redirect their unique talents for good ― instead of mischief.

In the movie, Ayden portrays “Albert,” one of those who embarks on the “elaborate heist in Santa’s Village at the North Pole to get the presents…”

Having shot the movie in Montreal, Canada, the talented young California-native told JustJaredJr.com in an exclusive interview that there was a lot to do on the “snowy” days up north while he waiting to get back on set.

“On the snowy days we would go down to the lobby and play some cards, like we would play Mafia or Uno,” Elijah told the popular entertainment news outlet. He continued, “And also on the sunnier days we would go and go get some Boba, go to the jump place, laser tag, and we also went to a science center.”

If Elijah’s face doesn’t look too familiar, then you would probably, more likely than not, recognize his voice. The Afro-Latino is not just an actor, he is a voiceover artist and model, who, according to his official IMDb.com page,  started his incredible journey in the entertainment industry in 2021 when Journeys Kidz reached out to him for print and commercial work.

Since then, the young rising star has been incredibly busy with career highlights that include: commercials with Nike, Calvin Klein, and JG Wentworth.

In addition to Ayden Elijah, The Naughty Nine also stars: Winslow Fegley as Andy, Camila Rodriguez as Dulce, Anthony Joo as Lewis, Imogen Cohen as Ha-Yoon, Clara Stack as Rose, Deric McCabe as Jon Anthony, Madilyn Kellam as Laurel, Derek Theler as Bruno and Danny Glover as Santa Claus.

The Naughty Nine is now showing on both the Disney Channel, and Disney+.


Photo Credit(s)/Featured Image: Ayden Elijah Instagram; Ayden Elijah Official Website

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