Benjamin Hall has returned to Fox News, 10 months after surviving an attack in Ukraine that killed two colleagues.

Benjamin Hall has returned to Fox News

Benjamin Hall has returned to Fox News

The 40-year-old reporter suffered horrific injuries when his team were hit in a Russian barrage of shells outside Kyiv last March, killing cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski, 55, and local journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova, 24, but despite his struggles back to health, Benjamin is now feeling “more confident than” ever before.

He said on ‘Fox + Friends’ on Thursday (26.01.23): “I think that when you’ve gone through something like I’ve gone through, the highs, the lows, you have to have a target, you have to get something to fight for.

“And this is it, trying to get back, trying to speak to you, trying to be on air and trying to tell people the stories, so perhaps it can help them.

“I’ve got one leg, I’ve got no feet, I see through one eye, one workable hand. I was burned all over, and I feel strong, I feel more confident than I ever have.”

Benjamin – who has written a book about his experiences titled ‘Saved: A War Reporter’s Mission to Make It Home’ – said the thought of his and wife Alicia Meller’s three daughters motivated him to keep going.

He said: “When you have to know there’s good on the other side, that if you work hard, if you dedicate yourself to getting somewhere and you don’t stop trying to achieve that, you will get that and no matter how painful something is, no matter how hard it is.

“If you really want to and you have the support to do it, you can get there, never give up. Never assume it’s all over. It’s inside you and it’s always good on the other side.

“I think that you learn a lot going through things like this. And I’m surrounded by so many wonderful people that that’s why I’m here today and I looking forward to everything that comes ahead.”

Following the attack, Benjamin was evacuated to Poland before spending months in recovery at Brooke Army Medical Center outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Post source: Female First

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