Dominic Cooper is to star in the period drama ‘Cry From The Sea’.

Dominic Cooper has been cast in 'Cry From The Sea'

Dominic Cooper has been cast in ‘Cry From The Sea’

The 45-year-old actor will feature alongside Sarah Gadon in the Canadian-Irish movie that is being directed by Vic Sarin.

The film, which is currently shooting, is set in the aftermath of World War I and the Irish Civil War and revolves around lighthouse keeper Seamus Og Mac Grianna – who has created a life of isolation and ritual after a tragedy he feels he should have stopped.

His only company is housekeeper Marie (Sarah Bolger), who allows him to remain closed off from the world while quietly waiting for him to see her.

Seamus’s meticulously structured life starts to crack when he meets outspoken American war widow Edith (Gadon) – whose search for closure ignites something in Seamus that will change them all forever.

The script has been written by Ciaran Creagh and is being produced by Vancouver-based production company Sepia Films and Dublin-based ShinAwil.

Dominic played the role of Sky in ‘Mamma Mia!’ but says that being in the movie musical gave him a false impression that “acting is just going around in boats” on the Greek islands.

The ‘History Boys’ actor told Collider: “To go off to an island in Greece and sing every so often would be very important, but unfortunately it just doesn’t happen that often. That happened so early on for me, I thought that was just the way it would be.

“I thought, ‘Oh, I see, acting is just going around in boats and you live in Greece and you swim every day. You have a couple of days, here and there. Oh, I see.’ I was brought back down to earth very quickly after that.”

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