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Since 2010, reality TV fans have watched the Brown family navigate a plural lifestyle on Sister Wives. Over the years, the family has been dismantled. During the most dysfunctional moments, fan favorites emerged. Villians materialized, too. So, which Sister Wives cast members are the most beloved and hated, and why? 

Christine Brown is a fan-favorite 

Many Sister Wives fans had a soft spot for Christine Brown from the beginning. She arose as the clear favorite member of the Sister Wives cast after season 16. In season 16, Christine came to terms with her unhappy marriage. In season 17, she decided to end her spiritual union with Kody Brown. 

Christine Brown sits down for a confessional during season 17 of 'Sister Wives.' Christine Brown's wedding special will be featrured on TLC in January
Christine Brown | TLC/YouTube

Fans cheered on the mother of six as she made a life for herself in Utah and prioritized her well-being over her plural lifestyle. While there have been some bumps along the way, fans of the series largely love that Christine Brown appears to be getting a storybook ending. She is the least villainized member of the Sister Wives cast by a large margin. 

Janelle Brown’s friendship with Christine Brown has elevated her in the eyes of ‘Sister Wives’ fans 

When Sister Wives began, each wife seemed to be assigned specific traits. Early on, Janelle positioned herself as the logical, financial mind of the family. That has stayed the same. While Janelle has had some emotionally charged moments in more recent seasons of the show, she still maintains that she’s always been more logical than the other Sister Wives cast members. 

Her even-keeled attitude, dedication to her children, and friendship with Christine Brown made her the second most-liked member of the Sister Wives cast. Janelle’s decision to leave her marriage has also endeared her to fans of the series, although her reluctance to use the term divorce has ensured she won’t be elevated to fans’ absolute favorite. 

Meri Brown’s redemption storyline might lead her to pull ahead of her former sister wives 

For years, Meri Brown has been lambasted by Sister Wives fans for her lack of a backbone. They hated that Meri allowed Kody and Robyn Brown to walk all over her. Things are changing, though. 

Meri Brown of 'Sister Wives' looking out a window with her hand on her mouth
Meri Brown | TLC via YouTube

In season 18 of Sister Wives, Meri changed direction. She is no longer trying to maintain a relationship with Kody and Robyn and appears to have a deeper understanding of how the duo has fooled her over the years. While Meri’s popularity is still pretty neutral, her position might change if she pens a tell-all book. Season 18 has certainly elevated her in the eyes of some viewers. 

Kody Brown, as the Brown family patriarch, is largely hated by fans of the reality TV series 

Kody Brown has taken on the role of villain on Sister Wives. The former polygamist himself has stated that people see him as the “devil.” To be fair, Kody has given viewers plenty of reason to dislike him. The father of 18 abandoned most of his children the moment he stopped getting along with their mothers. He has spoken negatively about his former wives and appeared to take great pleasure in humiliating them on national television. 

While Kody is largely hated, he isn’t the most despised member of the Brown family. While Kody is being held accountable for his behavior, many viewers believe he wouldn’t have become so outwardly hostile toward his original three wives without the backing of Robyn Brown. 

Robyn Brown remains the most hated member of the ‘Sister Wives’ cast

Robyn Brown was the last wife to join the Brown family. She is also the least-liked member of the Sister Wives cast. Robyn joining the Brown family might have helped them garner a reality TV show, but it also threw their plural dynamic into flux. The Browns never regained their equilibrium as a plural unit, and some Sister Wives fans believe Robyn Brown helped facilitate that. 

Robyn Brown photographed during the season 18 tell-all of 'Sister Wives.'
Robyn Brown photographed during the season 18 tell-all of ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC

Over the years, Robyn has been shown manipulating the family. She’s also been seen interjecting herself into all of Kody’s conversations with his other wives. Robyn appeared to ask for more time and energy from him than was possible if he was going to maintain his other relationships. Some argue that Robyn never wanted to live a plural lifestyle. Her tearless crying, how she’s treated the other Brown kids, and her laser focus on her monogamous marriage have not endeared her to fans either. 

Robyn is the most villainized Sister Wives cast member by a wide margin. While that is always subject to change, season 18 only made Robyn Brown look worse. It seems unlikely that she’ll fare any better in additional seasons. 

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