How Much Theresa Nist’s Engagement Ring in ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Costs


ABC’s The Golden Bachelor finale concluded with Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s engagement. Gerry got down on one knee for Theresa and asked her to marry him while presenting a beautiful Neil Lane ring, as is Bachelor Nation tradition. So, how much did The Golden Bachelor engagement ring cost? Here’s more about the rock on Theresa’s finger.

How much does ‘The Golden Bachelor’ winner Theresa Nist’s engagement ring cost?

The Golden Bachelor fans saw Gerry Turner ask Theresa Nist to marry him — and, of course, he had a Neil Lane engagement ring at the ready. Lane is Bachelor Nation’s signature jeweler. Leads from the show who choose to go with engagement rings designed by Lane receive the ring for free.

Gerry chose a 3.5-carat princess-cut diamond ring with two baguette-cut diamonds set with 128 smaller brilliant-cut diamonds. So, how much does Theresa’s ring cost? According to Chris Arakel of The Diamond Bank in Los Angeles, the ring is likely worth around $40,000.

“The center stone is a generous size and the baguettes are not small, so that is why the price is on the high end,” Arakel told “It has a timeless traditional setting.”

Gerry spoke to People about when Theresa put the ring on her finger. “The symbolism of it is so important,” he shared. “It was just like, the minute she slipped it on, again, it was like, ‘Oh, my god, this is that joyful happiness that I want to feel, that I want everyone to see.’”

Lane also spoke about how special creating the ring for the new series felt. “I think maybe we were losing the significance of a ring for a while, and now we have two people that really … that significance of the ring, even though it’s a small little jewel, it embodies their affection, their future, their lives together,” the jeweler stated. “It’s more profound in a way. Maybe it’s a different profoundness.”

Theresa Nist never had a diamond ring with her first husband, William Nist

'The Golden Bachelor' star Gerry Turner getting down on one knee with an engagement ring in front of Theresa Nist
‘The Golden Bachelor’ stars Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist | Disney/John Fleenor

The Golden Bachelor engagement ring is historic in its own right — and it’s also incredibly special to Theresa Nist. Theresa told People that she never received a diamond ring from her first husband, William Nist, when they married in 1972. Instead of diamonds, she was given a gold band.

“There was no diamond ring,” she explained. “There was a gold wedding band, which I have. So yeah, there was no diamond ring. So this is brand new and amazing.”

Theresa calls the ring “gorgeous” and feels elated she finally gets to wear it. “I get to wear it, finally. It’s been such a long time,” she added. “They took this away from me so quickly. It’s beautiful, beyond. Beyond, beyond. So gorgeous. I love it.”

ABC is likely paying for ‘The Golden Bachelor’ wedding

Not only did ABC provide The Golden Bachelor lead, Gerry Turner, with a gorgeous engagement ring for Theresa Nist, but they’re also sponsoring his wedding. Gerry and Theresa will get married via an ABC special on Jan. 4, 2024. After the wedding, the couple heads to Italy for their honeymoon.

“It’s the top of her list, and it’s become the top of mine,” Gerry said about the honeymoon location.

Gerry and Theresa have a lot of decisions to make regarding their wedding. While they haven’t worked out the kinks yet, they said they’re excited to involve their families in the big day.

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