Carolina Panthers v Cincinnati Bengals

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The shady shooting drama surrounding Cincinnati Bengals baller Joe Mixon is finally being resolved and there was clearly much more to the story than was initially reported.

BOSSIP reported on the gunshots that were fired at Mixon’s Cincinnati home last week where his physical therapist called 911 but it was unclear if Mixon was actually home at the time of the incident. Well, now we know that Mixon was on the property at the time and a new TMZ report details his involvement. Hamilton County prosecutor Melissa Powers announced today that 34-year-old Lamonte Brewer has been arrested and charged with four crimes including felony assault. Brewer and Mixon were in the backyard when they saw the teenager running near the property with a gun. Turns out, that teen and several other children were playing “Nerf war” with toy guns. Police obtained a search warrant and got a copy of the surveillance footage that told the whole story.

As always, there’s a plot twist. Brewer is Mixon’s sister’s boyfriend and Shalonda Mixon was seen picking up shell casings and fleeing the scene with Brewer. As a result of her actions, she has been charged with tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. Brewer is facing 20 years in the bing while Shalonda is facing 4. Joe Mixon was also seen in the video and he was armed but he did not draw his firearm. In fact, he is seen stopping Brewer from shooting.

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