John Lennon had a little bit of experience with acting. Not only did he star in both Beatles movies, A Hard Day’s Night and Help!, but he also had a role in 1967’s How I Won the War. One classic movie from the 1980s had a genuine interest in John Lennon, but unfortunately, the former Beatle was killed before the film went into production. 

John Lennon almost had a role in the 1983 movie ‘Wargames’

John Lennon talking to Ringo Starr on the set of the movie, 'How I Won the War'
John Lennon | Bettmann / Contributor

Wargames is a 1983 movie directed by John Badham and starring Matthew Broderick. In the film, Broderick plays David, a young computer hacker who accidentally interacts with WOPR, a super-computer that is programmed to simulate and execute nuclear war against the Soviet Union. In the movie, the creator of WOPR is Stephen Falken, a character based on Stephen Hawking. 

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