Julia Roberts reveals ‘simple rules’ for her teenage kids


Julia Roberts has “simple rules” for her children when it comes to technology.

Julia Roberts has revealed her parenting rules

Julia Roberts has revealed her parenting rules

The 56-year-old star – who has twins Phinneas and Hazel, 19, and 16-year-old son Henry with photographer husband Daniel Moder – has revealed how the couple settled on their approach to parenting with the rise of smartphones.

She told ‘Today’: “For us, we just had sort of simple rules where we had a charging station, where everybody’s phone goes when you get home.

“There’s no phones at the table, certainly.”

And while their children are growing up, she still makes sure to “parent them” with the same love and care she always has.

She said: “I parent them the same way out of the house that I parented them in the house.

“Which is, you know, ‘Are you getting enough sleep?’ And, ‘You sound like you’re sick.’ And ‘Are you drinking tea?’

“And ‘Text me when you get home you get home, [so] I can see that you’re home safe and sound.”

The ‘Pretty Woman’ actress is grateful that the twins “still allow” her to be their mum without any “eye-rolling”.

She added: “I have an immense amount of appreciation for both of my older kids because they still allow me to be the same mom to them, and it’s not eye-rolling and there’s a huge amount of understanding.”

Julia is largely private when it comes to her family life, but last year she opened up about motherhood and the “really critical” lessons she has learned through raising her children.

She told E! News: “I think it’s our personal responsibility to advocate for ourselves, and I think that my husband and I both are people of strong convictions and opinions and compassions, and we try to instill that in our kids as much by example as by preaching.”

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