Sex and the City, at its core, was all about four friends and their pursuit of sex and love in New York City. While the music chosen for the series isn’t often discussed, it did serve an important purpose during key moments in the show. One song, featured in the show’s fourth season, perfectly sums up Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big’s relationship. The production team couldn’t have picked a better song than “Moon River” to highlight a sweet moment between the often complicated pairing. It wasn’t the only “perfect song” in the series, though. 

Carrie and Mr. Big danced to ‘Moon River’ in season 4 of ‘Sex and the City’

Carrie and Mr. Big had a lot of pivotal moments during their six-season long, on-again-off-again romance. Their season 4 moment, set to “Moon River,” might be among the most bittersweet and, oddly enough, romantic. In “I Heart NY,” Carrie learns that Mr. Big will be leaving New York City in favor of California. Together, they dance to “Moon River” in his empty living room.

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