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Ralph Yarl‘s family is not feeling the man charged with ensuring that their son gets the justice he so richly deserves.

According to an AP report, Yarl’s family and their attorney, ubiquitous civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, are none-too-pleased with Clay County prosecutor Zachary Thompson for his lackadaisical attitude toward things happening during the case. The first strike against Thompson is his allowance of the preliminary hearing to be delayed until August 31st. The second, and possibly the most egregious, violation is that Thompson allowed 84-year-old shooter Andrew Lester‘s legal team to convince the judge presiding over the case to seal documents that the public might be interested in.

A CNN article states that the argument for sealing documents is that people are being mean to Lester and that’s not nice. The judge fell for it hook, line, and sinker…

“This court finds the evidence adduced, and supporting exhibits admitted into evidence, not only compels closure, but also for good cause requires it,” the judge wrote. “The threats and harassment demonstrate Defendant’s life and physical safety are in jeopardy.”

Speaking on behalf of the family, Crump showed public disapproval of the judge’s decision.

“Transparency is key here,” Crump said. “Far too many times things that occur in the dark leads to the injustice being proliferated in our communities. And we don’t want that to happen here. The whole world is watching Kansas City to see if there’s going to be accountability and justice for this teenage kid who merely rang the doorbell.”

Both Crump and attorney Lee Merritt asked Thompson to step aside in favor of Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker but he “adamantly” refused to do so. Godspeed to this family. Looks like there’s a long road ahead of them and their guide is incompetent.

On a brighter note, Ralph Yarl made a public appearance this weekend when he walked at an event for a brain injury awareness charity in Kansas City called Going the Distance for Brain Injury. Ralph’s mother, Cleo Nagbe, spoke about how mentally difficult her son’s recovery has been for him via USAToday.

“It was mostly the anxiety for him because socially, it’s still hard for him,” Nagbe told the outlet. “I’m glad he was able to overcome this. Ralph is the kind of person who will do something, not because it’s good for him, but because it’s good for other people.”

Our continued prayers to Ralph and his loved ones.


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