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A month has passed since the murder of Takeoff outside a bowling alley in downtown Houston and authorities have arrested two suspects. Cameron Joshua, 22 was arrested on weapon charges from the night in question but reportedly wasn’t involved in the murder. Patrick Xavier Clark was arrested and is the man accused of murdering Takeoff and firing the fatal shot. Police accused Clark of trying to flee the country before his arrest. When he was arrested he reportedly had a large sum of cash, a new passport and tickets to Mexico. Attorney Letitia Quinones defended those accusations claiming Clark made those plans prior to the situation at hand. According to ABC13, Clark will stay behind bars on a $2M dollar bond. If released he cannot contact J. Prince Jr. and any members of his family or household.

Man Accused In Takeoff’s Murder Asks Judge For Money To Hire Private Investigator

In a motion filed Monday Patrick Xavier Clark has requested $5,000 from a judge for his defense. Clark plans to use the money to hire a private investigator in an effort to prove his innocence. Reportedly he used all his finances to pay for his attorney who is accepting a “substantially reduced rate.” According to KHOU11, search warrants have given insight into what may have happened outside the bowling alley in November. Police used surveillance cameras all over the downtown area in the investigation that led them to Patrick Clark.

In the search warrant, it was revealed 24 people including Quavo, Takeoff, and J Prince were outside the bowling alley before the shooting. Quavo began arguing with two men who won money from an intense dice game. Cameron Joshua, who is facing gun charges from that night, is identified as one of the men. As a physical confrontation began, two men opened fire. Authorities allege one of the men was Clark, who is on video pulling out a gun and firing multiple times. While firing, Clark is holding a wine bottle in his other hand. Police used that same bottle to collect DNA evidence to identify him.

The footage also shows Clark returning to the bowling alley before fleeing the area. Houston Police claim Clark is the only person who could have killed Takeoff based on how they were positioned. Takeoff was shot once in the back and once in the head. When Clark was arrested during a traffic stop by Houston Police Department’s Gang Division, he was in possession of a firearm. However, it’s been determined that weapon was not used in the murder of Takeoff.

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