Tammy Slaton Is ‘Really Happy’ With Husband Caleb Willingham in Season 5 Clip 


Tammy Slaton in a blue shirt in an episode of '1000-lb Sisters'

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Tammy and Caleb struggle to find privacy as newlyweds living in a weight loss treatment facility in the new season of TLC’s ‘1000-lb Sisters.’

Tammy Slaton is feeling the glow of newlywed bliss in the upcoming season of 1000-lb Sisters. A new clip from the TLC reality series’ fifth season sees Tammy gushing about her new husband Caleb Willingham, even as she worries about how they’ll navigate their relationship while living in an Ohio rehab facility. 

Tammy Slaton calls Caleb Willingham ‘the best thing’ that ever happened to her 

Caleb Willingham in an episode of '1000-lb Sisters' on TLC
Caleb Willingham in ‘1000-lb Sisters’ | TLC via YouTube

Tammy and Caleb met while both were patients at a weight loss treatment center. The two fell in love and married after a short courtship, as seen in the 1000-lb Sisters Season 4 finale. Now, they’re settling into life as a married couple. 

“It’s been two months since I got married,” Tammy says in a clip from the upcoming season 5 premiere (via ET). “I’m really happy with Caleb. He’s the best thing that has possibly ever happened to me.” 

“I love spending time with Caleb,” she adds. “He’s someone I’m comfortable with. I mean, if I’m farting in front of him, that says a lot.” 

The ‘1000-lb Sisters’ star wishes she and her husband had more privacy 

Now that they’re married, Tammy and Caleb are sharing a room at the facility. It’s not exactly an ideal setup for the couple. They aren’t allowed to share the same bed for safety reasons. And getting alone time is hard. 

“I think one of the hardest parts about being newlyweds and in a facility is the privacy … every time we turn around, there’s somebody there.” 

But at least when they’re at the facility, Tammy and Caleb can be together. Things get really challenging when she is released before him. The two say an emotional goodbye as she prepares to leave, with Caleb promising his wife that he’ll be with her soon.

“I’m gonna be there. I’m coming home baby,” he tells her (via Us Weekly). “I don’t know when and I don’t know how but I’m getting there.”

Sadly, Caleb died in July 2023, less than a year after he and Tammy wed. The couple was reportedly estranged at the time, but that didn’t lessen Tammy’s grief. 

“Yeah, we were having problems, but I loved that man and I still do,” she said in a tearful TikTok video. “I miss him like crazy … You know, he’s not in any pain anymore. I know he’s in a better place.” 

1000-lb Sisters Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 9 p.m. ET. Episodes also stream on Max. 

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