Whenever a TV series reaches the popularity level of Stranger Things, it’s bound to inspire fans’ clothing purchases, Halloween costumes, and for some, choice of tattoos. In the Netflix series, Eleven has a small tattoo with the number “011” on the inside of her wrist. The show later reveals that each of Dr. Brenner’s test subjects receives these numbers. Some fans have replicated these tattoos on their own arms, which has caused significant controversy.

Children at Hawkins lab in Stranger Things have numbered tattoos. The children line up against a wall.

Children at Hawkins lab in ‘Stranger Things’ | Netflix

Test subjects at Hawkins lab receive tattoos in ‘Stanger Things’

Stranger Things introduced Eleven in the first season, as she escaped from her imprisonment at Hawkins Lab. Fans soon noticed Eleven’s small tattoo (011) on the inside of her wrist. The series slowly revealed that Dr. Brenner ripped these test subjects from their families and gave each of them a different numbered tattoo.

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