Theresa Nist Allegedly Spilled That Producers Want the Same Women to Return for a Different Lead


'The Golden Bachelor' star Theresa Nist walking in a dress

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Producers may want ‘The Golden Bachelor’ women to return for another chance at love, according to Theresa Nist. Here’s what she allegedly spilled.

ABC’s The Golden Bachelor showed Gerry Turner’s journey to find love after loss. His wife, Toni Turner, died suddenly, leaving Gerry a widow. And he found love again with Theresa Nist. Fans fell in love with Gerry at the start of the season, and his contestants were equally as charming. So, could we see the women on TV again? A source allegedly close to Theresa says she claimed that the women might be back to compete in another season.

‘The Golden Bachelor’ could return with the same group of women as the first season, Theresa Nist allegedly said

The Golden Bachelor was a massive hit for Bachelor Nation. Fans got a breath of fresh air with Gerry Turner and all of the women he dated during his season. While there were bumps along the way, Gerry and Theresa Nist ended the finale happily engaged and prepping for a January 2024 wedding.

Unfortunately, not every woman left happy. Leslie Fhima was heartbroken and hurt by Gerry’s actions in the finale. And Faith Martin also felt blindsided when Gerry didn’t give her a rose after hometowns. So, could these women (and others) return for another shot at love with a new man? Theresa allegedly told her hairdresser, Lisa Scolamacchia, that producers were considering the possibility.

“There was talk about maybe having another bachelor with the same [group of] women,” Lisa told The Sun. She added that Theresa noted that this idea arose because the women had “such great fan bases.”

“I don’t know if that’s going to happen or anything, but that’s how popular they all became,” the hairstylist added.

Theresa told Lisa that she maintained great relationships with the other women in the house. “[Theresa] had nothing but nice things to say about all of them,” Lisa said. “She said, ‘You’d be surprised how much in touch we are all with each other. We really made good friends and good contacts on the show.’”

'The Golden Bachelor' winner Theresa Nist showing her engagement ring to Jesse Palmer while sitting next to Gerry Turner during the After the Final Rose
‘The Golden Bachelor’ stars Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner | Disney/John Fleenor

‘The Golden Bachelorette’ allegedly lost ‘momentum’ after Gerry Turner’s scandals

Fans who watched The Golden Bachelor immediately hoped producers would get going on The Golden Bachelorette. Several women who fought for Gerry Turner’s love seemed interested in the concept. Fan-favorite contestant Faith Martin said she would accept the offer if production wanted her as the next lead.

“One never knows, but, of course, I would say yes, because who wouldn’t?” she said during an interview with NBC Right Now. “I mean, come on.”

Unfortunately, rumors suggest that scandals that paint Gerry in a negative light might’ve ruined the “momentum” for The Golden Bachelorette. The Hollywood Reporter published an article from Gerry’s alleged ex-girlfriend, who said he dumped her after she gained 10 pounds. She also claimed she started dating Gerry just a month after his wife died, and she lived with him in his Indiana home. Romance aside, the article also suggested that Gerry wasn’t entirely truthful about his employment.

The Golden Bachelor generated so much excitement and great ratings that they’ve already started planning The Golden Bachelorette, but this news has ruined all that momentum,” a source told Life & Style, according to Yahoo. “They definitely have egg on their face.”

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