What is the married name of Camila Zeidan? Update on Renae Marsden's Death and Murder

What is the married name of Camila Zeidan? Camila and her husband maintain a low profile. What is the name of her husband? Get the most up-to-date information on Renae Marsden’s death case.

Catfisherwoman Camila Zeidan is a catfisherwoman. Renae Marsden, her best friend, died in 2013 as a result of her actions.

Discovery’s Web of Lies: Cruel Intentions tells their thrilling story.

Here are some new developments in Renae Marsden’s death investigation.

What Is Camila Zeidan Married Name?

Camila Zeidan’s married name is still unknown.

She has successfully lived a low-profile life after the death of Renae Marsden.

Likewise, Camila’s age and birthday details aren’t accessible on the internet.

Camila is not found on any social platform neither her husband.


Renae Marsden Death And Murder Update

Camila Zeidan had catfished Renae Marsden into committing suicide. Her death happened exactly on August 5, 2013, in Sydney’s eastern suburb.

According to the Police, Renae committed suicide as a result of the grief inflicted by Camila Zeidan.

Marsden had fallen in love with a persona created by Zeidan. She committed suicide after receiving a fake breakup from Brayden Spiteri.

Marsden died slipping from the clifftop with the intention to take her own life. Her remains were never recovered.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that Brayden never existed at all. It was Camila Zeidan who was impersonating him.

Marsden had fallen so much for Brayden Spiteri that she had even planned for her wedding.

More than 11,000 text messages were exchanged between the pair. Spiteri was supposedly messaging from prison. But police found there was no proof Brayden ever existed.

Is Camila Zeidan In Jail?

Camila Zeidan was never charged for Renae Marsden’s death.

She is blamed for catfishing ie a deceptive activity that is not technically a crime in Australia.

However, evidence has proved that Zeidan’s behavior and actions have led Renae to kill herself.

As of now, Camila Zeidan is living a low-profile life. There are no details about her whereabouts.

There are very few details in respect to Camila discluding her personal life and work-life as well.


Details On Camila Zeidan Family Members

Camila Zeidan is married to a man named Michael. Details on her family members are not available.

Meanwhile, Renae Marsden is still missed by her family. She was born in 1992 to her parents, Teresa Marsden and Jamie Deathe.

The grieving family had confronted Zeidan in February 2020. They burst into tears after the catfishing mastermind was revealed.

Renea Marsden parents Teresa Marsden and Mark Marsden are still trying their best for their daughter’s accused to be charged.

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