Paul McCartney threw kitchen scraps at a couple of journalists who wanted a response from him on the growing “Paul is Dead” conspiracy theory. However, the former Beatle wasn’t angry at the rumor they were trying to debunk. It was more about the journalists trespassing on his private land.

Paul McCartney and his new wife, Linda, after getting married in 1969.
Paul and Linda McCartney | Keystone/Getty Images

Two journalists decided to intrude on Paul McCartney and his family to get his views on ‘Paul is Dead’

According to Adrian Sinclair and Allan Kozinn’s The McCartney Legacy: Volume 1: 1969 – 73, Life magazine chose photographer Terence Spencer (who’d shot The Beatles periodically starting in 1963) and Dorothy Bacon “to track down” Paul and get his response to “a rumor sweeping the globe, to the effect that the doe-eyed bassist, singer and songwriter had been killed in an automobile accident in 1966, and that the Beatles, having suppressed word of his death, filled their post-1966 recordings with “clues” pointing to the truth.”

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