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Australia Covid-19 active cases and hotspots map: coronavirus stats, numbers and state by state data update | Australia news

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Due to the difference in reporting times between states, territories and the federal government, it can be difficult to get a current picture of how many confirmed cases of coronavirus there are in Australia.

Here, we’ve brought together all the figures in one place, along with comparisons with other countries.

Guardian Australia has gone through every state and territory press release to construct and maintain an up-to-date database of coronavirus cases, as well as maintaining live data feeds from other groups collating data, such as Johns Hopkins University.

This is necessary to get a broader picture of how Covid-19 is affecting Australians and to track the impact of government measures.

National view

This chart shows the “epidemic curve” for Australia with a timeline of measures introduced by the federal government. It aims to track our progress in “flattening the curve”, and the measures we have introduced to do so.

timeline of Australian government coronavirus measures v daily confirmed Covid-19 cases – epidemic curve

Most of the recent national growth is due to cases from Victoria.

The following chart shows the percent growth in cases, with a trend line based on a five-day average. Generally, we want both lines to be heading downwards towards zero:

Australia coronavirus Covid-19 cases percent growth chart

Here, you can see the cumulative total of confirmed cases, with the contribution of each state and territory:

Cumulative total of Australian coronavirus covid-19 cases state by state update


Since mid-June, Victoria has had a rise in community transmission of Covid-19. This has resulted in the Premier, Daniel Andrews, re-introducing physical distancing restrictions that had been previously lifted.

Here, you can see the total number of daily cases, split by those where the source of the infection was overseas, and those where it was acquired locally or still under investigation.

Coronavirus Victoria source of Covid-19 infections

Here, you can see the trend in the source of Covid-19 cases over the whole length of the coronavirus pandemic in Victoria:

Victoria coronavirus covid-19 cases trend in local community transmission and overseas

Here’s a more detailed breakdown for recent cases only, showing the number of cases each day that are from a known or unknown source, as well as those that are under investigation:

Victoria coronavirus covid-19 cases source of infection since May

As the Victorian government increases testing, we might expect to see a rise in cases. This chart shows the percentage of positive cases per the number of tests conducted for both Victoria and NSW. A lower % positive rate is indicative of more widespread, less-targeted testing.

NSW and Victoria coronavirus Covid-19 cases percent testing positive

Generally the % positive rate in Australia is lower than many other countries, well below the threshold that the WHO has reccomended for adequate testing.

The recent outbreaks are related to specific locations, with hotspots in Melbourne’s outer suburbs:

Victoria Vic Covid-19 cases coronavirus hotspots map

State and territory breakdowns

Here is the daily count of confirmed cases – the epidemic curve – for each state and territory. The most recent day will usually be an incomplete total:

Daily new Covid-19 cases – Australian state and territory coronavirus epidemic curve charts – state small multiple bar chart

This table has the number of deaths for each state and territory, as well as the number of patients requiring hospital treatment. It also includes the number of patients currently in intensive care, or requiring ventilators.

table of coronavirus deaths, covid-19 hospitalisation figures by state and territory in Australia

Source of infections

This chart shows the daily new case count by the source of infection to compare overseas v local cases. It’s important to also note that a large number of cases are under investigation at any point in time, and so these figures can change retrospectively with further updates.

Australia daily coronavirus covid-19 case count by source of infection line chart

Maps of confirmed cases in NSW, Qld and WA

These maps now show recent cases only, and there are now very few recent cases in most states outside of Victoria and NSW.

NSW Covid-19 cases coronavirus hotspots map

Here’s the map for Queensland, mapped by hospital and health service regions:

Queensland QLD Covid-19 cases coronavirus hotspots map

And the map for Western Australia:

Western Australia WA Covid-19 cases coronavirus hotspots map

Testing rates

Here, you can see the testing rate per million people for each state and territory:

Coronavirus covid-19 testing rate per million people in Australia for each state and territory

You can see an earlier rough comparison of these rates with other countries here.

International comparisons

This chart uses a log scale and re-indexes the time to the first day since cases were above 50 to make the trajectory of the pandemic in selected countries directly comparable:

days since 50 coronavirus Covid-19 cases log scale global comparison by country

This chart uses a similar view to compare the trend in deaths for the same countries:

coronavirus deaths international global comparison chart by country


30 June 2020:

  • Added testing % positive chart for Victoria and NSW
  • Added new chart of Victorian cases by source

About the data

This database is available for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0 AU) licence, which means it is OK to re-use, but please provide attribution and a link to Guardian Australia. The data is available in Google sheets here or as a JSON feed here.

We assign cases to the date on which they were reported by the given health department, and deaths are assigned to the date they occurred. Extended data on testing and demographics varies between each state and territory so may not always be available. Please contact nick.evershed@theguardian.com if you spot an error in the data or to make a suggestion.

Due to the nature of collating data daily under time pressure and differences in how data is collected, we recommend cross-checking with other data sources where possible. It is quite likely these figures will vary from other figures due to differences in data collection methods.

Here are a few other websites doing similar work:

  • Due to the unprecedented and ongoing nature of the coronavirus outbreak, this article is being regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the current situation at the date of publication. Any significant corrections made to this or previous versions of the article will continue to be footnoted in line with Guardian editorial policy.

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