Speaking to The Sun, GP Dr Sara Kayat explained that black tea can prevent the body absorbing iron due to tannins. This then increases the risk of iron deficiency, which can result in hair loss. The drink contains around 11 percent tannin, compared to the 4.6 percent found in coffee.

Dr Kayat added: “A healthy scalp is so important as follicles that are affected by infection, dandruff, oil and debris may affect the growth of hair.

“Signs that your scalp may not be healthy include itchiness, flakiness or dandruff, redness, oiliness and spots or bumps.

“Often simple changes to your usual hair care regime can be enough to remedy this but, if not, you should be reviewed by a doctor.”

Dr Kayat explained that losing around 100 to 150 strands of hair a day is normal but that some people can lose more due to stress.


Untreated iron deficiency anaemia can:

  • Make you more at risk of illness and infection – a lack of iron affects the immune system
  • Increase your risk of developing complications that affect the heart or lungs – such as an abnormally fast heartbeat (tachycardia) or heart failure
  • Can cause a greater risk of complications before and after birth if you are pregnant

Foods rich in iron include dark-green leafy vegetables, meat, beans, lentils, fortified cereals and dried fruit.

Post source: Daily Express

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