The rules of caring for your hair underline some obvious practices that could be harmful. Using too much heat or wearing neatly pulled ponytails could lead to hair loss. “If you wear your hair tightly pulled back often, the constant pulling may eventually lead to hair loss,” said Dr Elif Benar, dermatologist and founder of Doctor Elif. However, she warned that a hair mask could also be problematic.

Fortunately, there are some factors in play that you can influence when it comes to hair loss, including the way you style and care for your hair.

Although egg mask might sound like a great hair care tip, overusing this “popular” treatment could lead to dry, brittle and stiff hair.

Dr Benar said: “This mask is popular because you can separate and use either part of the egg to best suit your hair needs.

“The yolk of an egg is brimming with proteins, fatty acids, and vitamins that penetrate the hair follicle and can give you beautifully strong and healthy hair.

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“Meanwhile, the egg whites have gentle enzymes that eat away at bacteria and remove extra oils on the hair.”

But too much of anything is bad and this hair care tip isn’t the exception to the rule.

The expert warned: “Take caution with how many times a week you use this mixture, though.

“The yolk can sometimes be too rich for certain hair types and can lead to greasy hair, or the opposite: dry, brittle, and stiff hair.”


The NHS explains that certain underlying causes responsible for hair shedding could be:

  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Cancer treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Iron deficiency.

Some types of hair loss might be permanent while others are temporary.

The health service recommends seeing a GP if you experience a sudden hair loss and:

  • Develop bald patches
  • Lose hair in clumps
  • Your head also itches and burns
  • You’re worried about your hair loss.

Post source: Daily Express

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