However, leaving high levels of blood pressure untreated can trigger a whole host of symptoms.

The expert recommended looking out for the following signs:

  • Blurring of the vision
  • Redness
  • Discomfort or pain in the eyes.

If you experience any of these red flags, “you should go and see your optician and request a complete eye examination, including the fundus and retina”, Dr Ameen recommended.

“This is especially important if the patient is aware their blood pressure is poorly controlled and so to prevent any catastrophic and irreversible damage to the eyes,” the expert added.

As your blood pressure continues to rise, vascular changes in your retina can occur.

Dr Ameen said: “The first of which is known as AV nicking – where the blood vessels compress each other at the cross points. 

“This would then progress to localised tissue death and appear as white patches in the retina, known as cotton wool spots, as well as deposits of remnant debris or exudates.

“All of these tend to be asymptomatic signs and the patient would not be aware of any immediate changes in the vision.”

If your blood pressure remains untreated, even more serious and “irreversible” eye problems can strike, the expert warned.

The doctor said: “Blockages of the blood vessels supplying the eye [could] cause a dramatic reduction in the vision, which, unfortunately, is irreversible in most cases. 

“One of those tragic events would be like having a stroke in the eye, which not only leads to irreversible blindness but can cause extreme pain due to secondary increase in eye pressure.

“It is important to remember that the eyes are the ‘windows to the body’ so whatever damage is happening in the eye would be happening and affecting other parts of the body, and so the patient must seek further investigation from their doctor and ensure their blood pressure remains well controlled.”

Post source: Daily Express

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