Alex Murdaugh calls out the state for their failed blood spatter evidence

Alex Murdaugh, on the right, calls out the state for their failed and controversial blood spatter T-shirt evidence in Colleton County, S.C., on Feb. 23, 2023.

Double murder defendant Alex Murdaugh was able to testify about one of law enforcement’s key failures in their investigation over an objection from the prosecution on Thursday afternoon.

“Did you get, on your shirt, high-velocity blood spatter from being within distance of shooting Maggie or Paul?” defense attorney Jim Griffin asked his client at one point.

“There’s no way that I had high-velocity blood spatter on me,” the defendant replied.

When Alex Murdaugh was indicted, Colleton County grand jurors were told by law enforcement that he had blood spatter on the T-shirt he was wearing the night Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were found shot and killed. That turned out to be false. The state’s own laboratory testing showed no blood on the T-shirt – a fact investigators kept hidden from an expert later asked to assess the shirt for blood spatter.

The facts about that T-shirt have proven quite controversial in the case and are considered a significant black eye for the state.

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Tom Bevel, a former Oklahoma police officer who owns and operates a self-described forensic education and consulting company, was originally intended to be the prosecution’s lead blood spatter expert. The defense successfully challenged Bevel’s credentials and methodology in numerous pre-trial motions, noting that in January 2022 he issued a report that said the stains on the shirt were “consistent with transfers and not back spatters from a bullet wound.”

In a second report, Bevel wrote that “100+ stains are consistent with spatter on the front of the t-shirt.”

That report also deletes a line saying that the shooter in question likely would have “little to no spatter” on their clothing in favor of a line saying that the shooter “is certainly in a close enough range to get spatter on their clothing.”

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