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My phone rang, and the voice on the other end was somber. It was a professional courtesy call to inform me that SWAT was positioning itself to arrest Imani Roberson’s husband, Donell Anderson, for her murder.

I immediately thought of her mother, who had just learned about her daughter’s tragic fate. She now had to bury her fourth child. Then, my mind turned to her four children. The thought of their situation was unimaginable.

When Captain Nicholle Brock and I were on the scene of the burned vehicle, we both informed the authorities that she was likely near the vehicle. That’s why, in the story I wrote, the location where the vehicle was dumped played a crucial role. He inadvertently revealed himself. I boldly posted on Twitter, “You’ve revealed your hand.”

Donnell Roberson Arrest by Leigh Egan

After working on numerous scenes like Brock and I, you begin to recognize patterns, anticipate actions from point A to B, and envision likely scenarios. For me, it’s like a movie playing in my head. I often tell people, “When I’m proven wrong, it’s a relief.” I hope to be wrong in situations like this.

Brock and I informed the authorities that we would return on Sunday or Monday, but answers came sooner. The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department was relentless in their efforts. This case wasn’t a major mystery, but it had to be methodically investigated. I couldn’t disclose the facts and evidence I knew.

Imani Roberson

Brock couldn’t share details or boast to friends. We had to safeguard the secrets to uphold the integrity of the investigation and prevent the killer from getting wind of law enforcement’s approach.

There were 15 factors that led me to believe her husband killed her:

  1. She had a 1-month-old, yet her husband didn’t contact family seeking her.
  2. It’s unlikely she would leave her children, especially if she was nursing.
  3. How did the two younger children reach home safely while she disappeared?
  4. A neighbor’s ring camera captured a gunshot sound followed by her car speeding away.
  5. The husband didn’t report her missing.
  6. He never searched for her.
  7. He didn’t attend the press conference.
  8. He never made a plea for her safe return.
  9. Her car was taken, driven over 30 miles, then abandoned and burned in a remote area near a neighborhood—actions not typical of a stranger.
  10. He left behind evidence: a projectile.
  11. He was captured on flock cameras.
  12. The cell phone pings raised questions about how he returned home from the vehicle’s location.
  13. Flock cameras might indicate lapses or missing time that could lead investigators to where he potentially dumped her body.
  14. His prolonged efforts to hide and destroy evidence related to the car indicated more than arson; it suggested a cover-up for another crime. We were aware that this was a murder investigation.
  15. In the early hours of the morning, more information will be released, including details about how, where, when, and by whom she was killed. The heart-wrenching aspect is that if her husband was responsible, her four children would have lost both parents, with the youngest being only a month old. Imani’s mother would have now lost her fourth child. The ripple effect of this tragedy is extensive and profound.
  16. How did the suspect get home from the burn site? Did someone help

The dump site of the burned vehicle had no physical address. The sheriff’s office sent a location so experts could be at the scene to provide analysis.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference at 9 a.m. in the jail administration media room to provide further information. Deputies, detectives, and crime scene investigators have hardly slept, tirelessly working since Imani was reported missing.

They’ve remained steadfast in their mission to bring Imani home and apprehend the perpetrator, all while handling their other cases.

As the Rockdale County SWAT Team positioned themselves to apprehend her husband for her murder, Sheriff Eric Levett stated, “My investigators have invested over 500 hours into this case searching for Imani Roberson.

“I assure the family that we will find answers to Imani Roberson’s disappearance. Someone will be held accountable. These four children deserve answers.”

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