Two mothers faced down the man who brutally murdered their sons in 2003, both demanding the death penalty for defendant Steven Lorenzo, 64, for his vicious crimes.

“An eye for an eye,” Ruth Wachholtz, mother of Michael Wachholtz, said on Tuesday. “It would be nice if we could have old-time justice. Hanging. Heaven wants the gallows being built. Firing squad. Not blindfolded. Guillotine. Again, not blindfolded. What he did to my son before murdering him should be done to him.”

“You are the scumbag of the earth,” Pam Williams, mother of Jason Galehouse, told Lorenzo.


Prosecutors said Lorenzo preyed on men, slipping them a date-rape drug and sexually assaulting them. Lorenzo is currently serving a 200-year federal prison sentence for abusing nine men, including Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz, both 26.

Authorities said he lured the slain men, tortured them, drugged them, restrained them, and used force and asphyxiation to kill them.

“This is not consensual!” Michael Wachholtz yelled as Lorenzo was trying to hold him down, according to the prosecution. “This is not consensual!”

After spraying a rag with an aerosol meant for cleaning keyboards, the defendant held it over the young man’s face and rendered him unconscious.

Michael Wachholtz was found dead in a Jeep. Investigators never discovered Galehouse, authorities saying that Lorenzo and co-defendant Scott Schweickert dismembered the body.

“I don’t have a grave,” Williams remarked of her son’s mysterious whereabouts. “I don’t have a tombstone. All I’ve got is ground-up hamburger meat in the ground because of you, you scumbag.”

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