Beware! Microwave Ovens Can Be Hazardous For Certain Food Types
Beware! Microwave Ovens Can Be Hazardous For Certain Food Types

Experts say that the amount of radiations microwaves contain to heat food items are not harmful but some food items must still be kept away from it.

Microwave ovens have made our lives a lot easier. We can heat up our food withing minutes without worrying about burning it, forgetting to turn the gas off or worrying about the hazards of a gas leak in the house. Experts have also stated that the amount of microwave radiations that have been used in order to design the device is not harmful.

But, not all foods can be heated in a microwave oven. Some can cause serious health hazards indeed and the others are downright messy. Wish to know how and why some foods are hazardous? Keep on reading.

Are Microwave Radiations Dangerous For Health?

There may still be some concerns in your mind about microwave radiations and its impact on food. Don’t worry, we are hear to clear that up. Firstly, microwave radiations are non-ionizing radiations and they are not harmful. These radiations do not cause cancer and according to research results published in the journal WebMD, there are no links between the two. Microwaves also do not make your food radioactive, and therefore, it is safe to use them.

Foods You Must Never Heat In A Microwave Oven

Grapes: If you put grapes inside a microwave oven, it can create pockets of electromagnetism which is very dangerous inside the house and kitchen. This could cause an explosion.

Eggs: Heating or trying to boil eggs in the oven is just downright messy. The temperature may cause it to burst inside the oven. Or worse, the egg can also burst inside your mouth when you try to eat it. It can cause terrible injuries.

Processed Meat: Processed meat, when put inside the oven can form cholesterol oxidation products like COPs. these are known to be very unhealthy and even unhealthier than normal cholesterol. It can lead to atherosclerosis.

Carrots: When you put carrots in the oven, they might produce sparks from the microwave’s reaction with metallic materials because carrots may contain minerals from the soil. This is what may cause the spark.

Breastmilk Or Formula: The one thing we must not ever do is heat breastmilk or formula in the microwave. The food or milk might be unevenly heated. This may create extreme hotspots in the liquid which is dangerous for the baby.

Raw Meat: A microwave ovens might not cook raw mat evenly. Some parts might remain undercooked or raw and we might not know it. This can cause food poisoning or indigestion. It is better to cook raw meat in conventional ovens.

Plain Water: Water can end up getting superheated and that is why it is recommended that you do not do that. It is better and more convenient if you boil it in the gas stove or an induction. Even if you use the microwave, make sure to adjust the time and temperature according to the water quantity.

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