Can Contact Lens Wearers Be More Susceptible To Eye Flu? Debunking The Myths

While contact lens wearers need not live in constant fear of eye flu, the importance of proper hygiene cannot be overstated.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : September 23, 2023 8:31 AM IST

In a world where vision clarity is no longer confined to eyeglasses, contact lenses have become an indispensable accessory, harmonising optical precision and aesthetic allure. Amid the splendour of this visual revolution, questions persist regarding the potential vulnerability of contact lens wearers, particularly those who opt for reusable lenses, to the dreaded eye flu. Mr Debashish Mukherjee- Business Operations Head- of Aqualens, shares that it’s time to dissect the myths, unfurl the facts, and empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding.

Hygiene: The Cornerstone Of Ocular Well-Being

At the heart of this discourse lies an unassailable truth: stringent hygiene practices are the linchpin to thwarting ocular infections. Foremost among these practices is the holy act of hand hygiene. The gateway to contamination, our hands, must be carefully washed and meticulously dried before venturing anywhere near contact lenses. Ensuring the hands are free from dirt and impurities curtails the potential transference of germs from fingers to lenses, acting as the first line of defence against infections.

Key Hygiene Measures

The saga of hygiene extends further, encompassing the cradle that nurtures contact lenses the lens case. An imperative decree is to handle lenses solely with impeccably clean and dry hands. Moisture, often a precursor of microbes, should be kept at bay. Consequently, a new vial of contact lens solution for each cleaning and storage endeavour emerges as a critical ritual. This solution acts as a vigilant sentinel, eliminating microbial threats that dare to encroach on ocular health. To compound the prudence, the lens case must be a bastion of cleanliness, warranting a replacement every three months to prevent the insidious accumulation of bacteria.

Remove Lenses Before Sleep

Sleeping with contact lenses on is a cardinal sin in eye care. During sleep, oxygen flow to the cornea is compromised, and this deprivation can make your eyes susceptible to infections. Make it a habit to remove your lenses before bedtime, allowing your eyes to breathe and rejuvenate naturally.

Choosing The Right Contact Lenses

Opting for contact lenses with high water content can make a significant difference. These lenses maintain hydration, reducing dryness and discomfort. Adequate moisture prevents the development of an environment conducive to infections.

Say No To Lens-Sharing

Sharing may be caring, but not when it comes to contact lenses. Under no circumstances should contact lenses be shared, even among family or close friends. Every individual’s eyes are unique, and sharing lenses could introduce foreign bacteria, increasing the risk of infections.

In Conclusion

While contact lens wearers need not live in constant fear of eye flu, the importance of proper hygiene cannot be overstated. Clear vision and comfort should not come at the cost of neglecting simple hygiene practices. By adhering to these guidelines clean hands, clean lenses, proper storage, removal before sleep, and avoiding lens sharing contact lens wearers can confidently enjoy the benefits of this innovative eyewear without being plagued by unwarranted concerns. It’s time to dispel the myths and embrace safe contact lens usage for a bright and clear tomorrow.

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