Role Of Workplace Rituals: How Embracing Traditions Impacts Employee Mental Well-Being?
The alarming statistics surrounding employee mental health in Delhi are a wakeup call for companies and organizations.

Dr. Malini Saba, a psychologist and human rights activist, explains below how accepting workplace customs can enhance employees’ mental health.

Written by Tavishi Dogra |Updated : September 26, 2023 5:46 PM IST

Finding stability and a sense of belonging in the fast-paced world of contemporary companies, where innovation and change are the norm, is essential for employee mental well-being. Adopting workplace rituals and customs is one frequently ignored factor that significantly impacts this. These straightforward procedures promote community and are extremely important for improving employee mental health. Dr. Malini Saba, a psychologist and human rights activist, explains below how accepting workplace customs can enhance employees’ mental health.

  1. The Influence of Ritual: For ages, rituals have been crucial in human civilizations, fostering a sense of connectedness, order, and significance. Conventions offer a systematic means of interacting with the outside world and individuals in general, whether in religious, cultural, or personal contexts. Rituals in the workplace serve a similar function by creating a dependable pattern of behaviour that can aid in lowering stress and inconsistency.
  2. Encouragement of a Sense of Belonging: Rituals at work foster a sense of closeness and belonging among workers. Colleague connections are strengthened when people participate in everyday routines because they feel part of something bigger than themselves. This sense of community can be a barrier against loneliness, a significant worry in many workplaces.
  3. Stress and anxiety management: Workplace customs that give employees brief breaks throughout the day can be stress absorbers. For instance, establishing a daily routine that includes a quick team meeting or a mindfulness exercise can help create a pleasant mood for the day and lessen the effects of workplace pressures. Regularly scheduled rituals can also foster a feeling of predictability, assisting employees in managing their expectations and lowering anxiety associated with the unknown.

  4. Improvement of Work-Life Balance: Workplace rituals can offer an organised strategy to separate and transition between work and personal life in a society where work-life balance is frequently challenging. Employees can mentally wrap up their jobs and go more smoothly into their personal lives by engaging in a closing ritual at the end of the day, such as sharing accomplishments or reflecting briefly on the day.
  5. Increasing presence and mindfulness: Many workplace customs promote mindfulness by encouraging employees to be present in the moment. This practice, which enables employees to focus on one activity at a time rather than constantly multitasking, can benefit mental health. Rituals that include deep breathing, meditation, or gratitude exercises can help lower stress and enhance emotional well-being in general.
  6. Increasing Team Morale: Rituals offer occasions for joy, remembrance, and thankfulness. These customs, whether celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, or team accomplishments, can significantly raise employee morale and motivation. A positive outlook and sound self-esteem depend on feeling valued and acknowledged.

In Brief

More than just a formality, including workplace rituals into an organisation’s culture, can improve employee mental health and foster a more positive work environment. These customs help people feel connected, offer ways to decompress and promote awareness. They also improve morale and interpersonal ties, which all help foster a happier and more effective workplace. Embracing traditions and rituals may be a significant strategy for supporting employees’ mental health and general happiness as organisations navigate the always-evolving workplace.

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Post source: The Health Site

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