What Are The Impacts Of Cardiovascular Problems On Maternal-Fetal Health?
Expectant mothers need to prioritize cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular health plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Written by saumya pandey |Published : September 25, 2023 3:23 PM IST

Cardiovascular diseases affect at least millions of people in the world and it is one of the main causes of death. With irregular health conditions and bad lifestyle, cardiovascular diseases have been increasing continuously and poses some serious health risks for pregnant women. Heart problems during pregnancy can create many complications that can directly impact fetal health. There are various changes that a body goes through during pregnancy and with the conception, the cardiovascular system undergoes significant changes to accommodate the growing needs of the fetus. While women with a heart condition can safely become pregnant but still cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy can lead to some serious complications. Research shows that cardiovascular diseases complicate up to 1 in 100 pregnancies and the risk of pregnancy-related deaths increases due to high blood pressure and obesity. In this article, we will delve into the challenges and risks of cardiovascular diseases of maternal-fetal health during pregnancy.

What Are The Challenges And Risks To Maternal-Fetal Health?

There are many reasons associated with heart health that exacerbate fetal health. While the maternal cardiovascular system is remarkably adaptable, certain factors and conditions can pose risks to both the mother and the developing fetus.

Pre-existing Cardiovascular Conditions

These are the heart-related problems that someone has before pregnancy. It might not create problems before the pregnancy but women with pre-existing heart conditions, such as congenital heart disease or hypertension, require specialized care during pregnancy to manage potential complications.

Heart Problems Developed During Pregnancy

Women might develop heart problems during pregnancy due to different bodily changes. High blood pressure that develops during pregnancy, known as gestational hypertension, and the more severe condition, preeclampsia, can jeopardize maternal and fetal health if left untreated. Similarly, diabetes that develops during pregnancy can lead to complications that affect both maternal and fetal well-being.

Blood Clotting Problems

Blood clotting problems can pose challenges to fetal health. Hence proper management and medication are needed to avoid such conditions during pregnancy.

How To Manage Cardiovascular Health During Pregnancy?

Maintaining cardiovascular health is paramount during pregnancy. A healthy maternal cardiovascular system ensures that the growing fetus receives the necessary oxygen and nutrients for optimal development. It also supports the mother’s overall well-being and reduces the risk of complications.

  • Regular prenatal care is necessary for monitoring the maternal cardiovascular system and for addressing any heart-related issues timely.
  • A lot can be changed if you focus on a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight are essential components of cardiovascular health during pregnancy. Lifestyle choices have a direct impact on both maternal and fetal well-being.
  • Women with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions may need medication adjustments or specialized care throughout pregnancy. It’s vital to work closely with healthcare providers to manage these conditions effectively.
  • One of the other important things that needs attention is blood pressure management. Consistently monitoring and managing blood pressure is essential for preventing complications like gestational hypertension and preeclampsia.
  • For women with gestational diabetes, blood sugar control is key to reducing the risk of complications for both mother and child.

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