Advertising has become far more subtle these days with outright advertising banned in most countries.

WAR-ON-TOBACCOToday is World No Tobacco Day and it’s shocking that people are still smoking in this day and age. They know it causes cancer, that it will give them a heart attack or even erectile dysfunction. Yet nothing seems to deter smokers and thousands new smokers start puffing every day. We at decided enough is enough; we can’t let people keep on puffing away or using smokeless tobacco. So we’ve declared a War On Tobacco and we’re going to put the fire out one way or another. So join us in our battle to eradicate the planet of this deadly substance.

Are you being manipulated?

The major theme of this year’s World NoTobacco Day is ‘Ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship’. Tobacco advertising is a big issue. In the earlier decades, when bans weren’t in place, millions of impressionable youngsters were conned into smoking by tobacco companies whose ads made smoking seem synonymous with sexiness and glamour. Advertising has become far more subtle these days with outright advertising banned in most countries. Nowadays, companies are more likely to reach out the audience through surrogate ads and corporate social responsibility programmes.

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Reasons to quit tobacco

Perhaps people fail to quit smoking because they don’t realise exactly how much harm cigarettes can cause to them. We thought we’d remind you exactly what’s in a cigarette and the harm it causes:

Tips to quit smoking

The reason people have trouble smoking is because of the main addictive component in smoking nicotine. But it’s harder because tobacco addiction is like drug addiction or alcoholism and comprises a cluster of cognitive, behavioural and psychological phenomena which makes it hard to quit. One has to remember that very few people manage to quit in their first attempt. So here are the various smoking cessation techniques:

Smoking in India

After China, India’s home to the maximum number of tobacco users including cigarette, bidi smokers and smokeless tobacco users. According to conservative estimates, tobacco takes 2,500 lives every day in India and kills one million Indians every year. To this effect, gutka has been officially banned in a lot of states though it’s still easily available:

Here’s more on tobacco use in India:

Tobacco use along with obesity are two of the biggest reasons for the various non-communicable diseases that people suffer from around the world. The Global Adult Tobacco Survey estimated that tobacco had claimed one billion lives in the last century. In comparison, humanity’s biggest war World War II took 50 million lives. We can no longer hide from the fact that tobacco is one of the most dangerous enemies that has ever threatened mankind’s existence. So are you ready for the battle?

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