A Look Back At Rosalynn Carter’s Sweet Bond With Her Grandson Jason Carter


Jason Carter started his tribute to his grandmother, Rosalynn Carter, by thanking all the First Ladies for their presence and casually thanked them for bringing their husbands along. Then, he sweetly shared some stories of how Rosalynn was like a regular grandmother, despite being such a beloved public figure. For every birthday from his childhood to his adulthood, Rosalynn would give him $20 as a gift. Like any grandmother, she believed no recipe was good enough without a generous heaping of mayonnaise. 

Jason also recalled how Rosalynn bought some cheese and bread on a plane and started making sandwiches for her grandkids. Once all her babies were fed, she started handing them out to random passengers who were overjoyed to get a sandwich from the former First Lady. Jason also gave us a look into Rosalynn’s adventurous side, which led her to travel across the globe to 120 countries, including several lesser-known destinations. 

Jason said that she practiced tai chi with a sword, which greatly amused his children. He shared, “She was a voyager, mountain climber. She learned to ski in her 60s and skied for another 25 years.” Jason also revealed that she climbed up impressive peaks, like Mount Kilimanjaro and Fuji, and even got to the summit of some in Bolivia. She traveled to the base camp of Mount Everest and Jason knew she wanted a shot at getting to the top, and he believed she would do it if given the chance. 

Post source: The List

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