Austin’s Death Sets Up Juicy Murder Mystery


Austin Gatlin-Holt’s murder is sending shockwaves through Port Charles with suspects creeping up at every turn. Roger Howarth officially exited “General Hospital” following his fan-favorite character’s shocking death and since there’s been no word of a recast, it’s likely a legitimate one. Evidently, an unknown assailant took matters into their own hands and axed the crooked doctor. However, fans of “General Hospital” cannot agree on who fired the fatal shot, leaving them to speculate on social media about the culprit. 

One fan doesn’t find Ava Jerome to be a likely candidate because she has nothing to gain by evading disclosing the truth to Sonny Corinthos. They argued on X, formerly known as Twitter, “Ava told Sonny her secrets to continue covering up Nikolas’s supposed murder. No reason she wouldn’t have come out & told him she acted on the intel he gave her and whacked Austin. Get her away from him.” Another viewer hopped on the train that Nikolas could be behind Austin’s death because of his connection to Ava. 

They wrote, “Could it have been Nikolas who killed Austin? He had motive. He sees him as Ava’s accomplice in trying to cover up his ‘murder.'” However, another theory thrown out into the universe is that perhaps this was a warning shot to Cyrus Renault that he isn’t the only Big Bad in town. As one fan speculated, “What if Austin’s murder was meant to send a message to Cyrus? That he’s got an enemy out there too.”

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