Biagio Lazaric’s girlfriend, Kyla Yesenosky, is a YouTuber and social media sensation. Her Instagram modeling photographs, on the other hand, have gone viral.

Her boyfriend, Biagio Lazaric, is well-known for his prank videos on YouTube, which she frequently appears in.

She’s also an Instagram sensation with 198k followers under the name @kylayesenosky. She is also the face of a number of fashion businesses.

Kyla Yesenosky

Kyla Yesenosky

Before and After Photos of Kyla Yesenosky Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is believed to have been performed on Kyla Yesenosky. She shared a photo of herself on Instagram after the arduous treatment.

As a result, many people claimed she changed her appearance with a knife. The internet personality underwent surgery with NY Facial Plastic Surgeon last year.

It was a ninety-minute facelifting surgery, according to netizens, that made her look naturally lovely.

According to reports, Stephen J. Miro, a plastic surgery physician associate specializing in fillers, lasers, and non-surgical butt enlargement, conducted the treatment.

After her plastic surgery Kyla Yesenosky poses for a portrait

People are comparing her early images to her current ones, according to the claim, which has begun to spread on the internet.

Some people believe she had unpleasant surgery to fix her jawline. Several people noticed a considerable improvement in her appeal when comparing her before and after images.

Biagio Lazaric and Kyla Yesenosky Relationship History

Biagio Lazaric, a YouTuber, has an open relationship with Kyla Yesenosky. At a variety of events, the two are frequently photographed together.

When Yesenosky started appearing on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel, she attracted a lot of attention.

Speculations about their relationship began to circulate after they posted a photo of themselves on Instagram in late 2020. So it’s been at least two years since they’ve been dating.

On Biagio Lazaric’s YouTube page, you may see videos of him making practical pranks on his fiancée. There appears to be a deep bond between them.

Yesenosky also has a YouTube channel with over 12.3k subscribers under her name. She only has two Shein outfit haul videos on her YouTube channel.

Biagio’s self-titled YouTube channel, on the other hand, has 624k subscribers. He posted a video of his girlfriend surprising him with his dream watch on Sunday.

Kyla Yesenosky Nationality and Place of Birth

Kyla Yesenosky, an Instagram sensation, is an American citizen. Her parents are of Caucasian white descent and she was born in the United States.

The modest micro-influencer celebrates her birthday anniversary on October 18th. Her partner turned 23 on February 10, 2022, at the same time.

Until recently, her family and educational background have remained a secret. Her spouse, on the other hand, appears to have gone to the same high school.

Despite this, she has teamed up with BOUTINE, a Los Angeles-based clothing company that specialized in women’s swimwear and swimsuits. Yesenosky’s career has been going swimmingly thus far.

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