Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home This Holiday Season


As the temperature drops, eggnog and mulled wines dominate the drinking menu, the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies takes over your kitchen and the chilly wind ruffles your hair, this means only one thing — ‘Tis the season for ‘jingle bell rock.’ And the best way to get into the festive spirit is to adorn your lovely adobe with some beautiful Christmas decor and toss around some new ideas.

It doesn’t feel very Christmassy until your house is filled with red and green hues. Decking up your home with Christmas decorations definitely puts everyone in the holiday mood. Some glittery ornaments, string lights, a few wreaths here and there, and a Christmas tree (even if it is a small one) in the house are enough to make it look like a winter wonderland. While reusing previous year’s decorations can be a great and sustainable idea, you can mix them up with some new ornaments to give your home a fresh look.

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To get you set for this yuletide season, we have come up with some of the best Christmas decor ideas to spruce up your house. Whether you like to go with traditional styles or want to do something trendy, we have got you covered. And you know the most delightful part? You don’t even have to burn your pocket to get all these items at home. ‘Cause DIYs are the latest obsessions, and this guide will help you with that too. So, finish that cup of joe, turn on some Christmas music, and get to work.

Check out these Christmas decor ideas to adorn your home this yuletide season

Dangle some tassels

Tassels are one of the most inexpensive decor items you can incorporate into your list. These trinkets can work as Christmas tree ornaments along with sparkly balls and stockings as well. You can decorate your dining table or hang a few of them on a blank wall and show off your creativity. They are also very easy to create at home.

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Show off your snow globe

Replacing your centrepieces with snow globes is a very cute and Christmassy step you can take in your home decoration. You can either get that old snow globe out of your closet or repurpose a round-bottom glass jar or any small glass jar that has been sitting in your kitchen for a shiny and colourful snow globe.

And the most fun part about DIY snow globes is that you get to choose their interiors. Choose any waterproof figurine and turn it into a snow globe. Pro tip: If you add some glycerine to the distilled water, the glitters will move slowly and give a more swaying effect.

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Add elements from Frozen 

Is your child a big fan of Elsa’s magical ice castle from the animation film Frozen? If yes, then incorporate some of Elsa’s magic into your home — string some snowflakes and hang them over the ceiling. It will give the ceiling a wintery aesthetic. As much as your kids, grown-ups, too, will love to see these dangly snowflakes shimmering over their heads. Now whether you want to buy or DIY them is up to you.

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‘Do you want to build a snowman?’

Oh no, we aren’t just singing the Frozen song! Irrespective of your geographical location, you can now build a snowman, keep it in your living room as a Christmas decor, and it won’t melt! That’s because it’s made with cups and is so adorable. You can also add some colour-changing lights inside to make it look chic.

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Put your Christmas cards on display

If holidays are about togetherness, then doesn’t putting your Christmas cards on display make sense? Also, making a decorative collage of family pictures will surely bring up some sweet memories for everyone.

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Make advent calendars

Who knew checking the date can be fun, right? While many themed advent calendars are available to buy, they are also pretty easy to make at home. If you personally DIY your calendar, it gives you the opportunity to hide some crafty surprises or scavenger hunt clues inside. Wooden advent calendars look classy in the living room, whereas something more fun and colourful will make a great addition to the kids’ room. If your Christmas decor ideas are to make it more fun, you can’t skip them.

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‘Stairway to Heaven’

Stairways and bannisters might be a little tricky part of the house to decorate. Generally, garlands are the usual way to go about it. Green garlands with red ribbons are the traditional design, but some also like to go with white tinsel ribbons for a frosty look.

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Add pine cones to the decor

Christmas decor is incomplete without pine cones. So, gather some pine cones and put your creative hands to work. They are a great accessory for your Christmas tree, you can make a beautiful display with candles and pine cones as well. Pine cone wreaths are pretty popular too. However, if you are feeling sluggish, you can just put them in a decorative bowl.

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Bring out some seasonal candles

Christmas is a great excuse to light some scented candles that match the vibe of winter nights and the festive season. To enhance the holiday spirit, you can design the candles with items like pine cones, glass jars, glitters and sparkly stars. You can also make your own scented candles by adding coffee beans, vanilla or cinnamon.

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Wrap gifts in a colour scheme

A colour-coordinated gift section under the tree will embellish your abode to the next level. These careful take-ups on every nook and corner of the house brighten up the ambience.

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Add colourful wreaths

When everyone starts to put wreaths on their doors, then we can practically feel what Michael Bublé has been singing in “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” The classic green ones with a red bow capture the holiday spirit perfectly. But you can also mix it up with some other hues. Try using glitter foams for the wreaths — it will give them some extra sparkle.

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Light up the outdoors

Don’t forget about the outdoors! Small twinkly hanging lights look magical on Christmas Eve. You can create a canopy on your balcony with hanging lights and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate there this festive season. It’s easy to decorate the lawns and windows too! And if you need some tips, we’ve got you covered.

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An extravagant mantle

You are allowed to go overboard; it’s Christmas after all! Play with different types of garlands, ribbons, tinsels and homemade Christmas decor items to make the mantle stand out. You can also go for a particular theme or colour and design accordingly. Our beloved Santa Claus deserves no less than a grand entry.

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Dazzle up your bedroom

Don’t forget about your own spaces. Your private spaces like the bedroom, study, or a corner of the house where you like to cuddle up with a fuzzy blanket on your own deserve a glow-up this season too. So, bejewel your nightstands and study tables with sparkle balls. One big light or lots of small string light balls should do the trick.

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Don’t forget the X-mas tree!

Last but definitely not least, glam up your Christmas tree. Whether you are going for a traditional tree or trying to replace it with something more contemporary, the stars, balls, small gift boxes (maybe with chocolates?), and string lights are mandatory. You can go for something a bit out of the box and create a Christmas tree structure with garlands, too.

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