Craig Conover Addresses Paige’s Lack of Interest in Marriage


Southern Charm' Craig Conover Addresses Paige's Anti-Marriage Stance, If He's In Touch With Kathryn, and Taylor and Austen's Sleepover, Plus Teases "Context" to Lindsay and Carl's Split

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Craig Conover appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Madison LeCroy on Thursday night, where he opened up about his future with girlfriend Paige DeSorbo.

In addition to discussing the potential return of Kathryn Dennis, 32, the sleepover between Taylor Ann Green, 28, and Austen Kroll, 36, and the breakup between Lindsay Hubbard, 37, and Carl Radke, 38, the Southern Charm star, 34, reacted to Thomas Ravenel, 61, accusing Leva Bonaparte, 44, of being the “most boring” cast member on the show.

“Every time he tweets I just make sure that my name, and hope that my name’s not in it, and like whoever catches fire from him, I’m sorry but I’m staying out of it,” Craig said on the September 21 episode of the WWHL: After Show. “Leva and I are great now but when you read those types of tweets, you can’t help but kinda laugh out loud, that random lunchtime thought.”

On the live broadcast of WWHL, Craig was asked about Lindsay and Carl’s split.

“I haven’t [spoken to them] since the news broke because what is there for me to say? But I was with them this summer and I think what everyone has to remember is there’s a lot of TV to watch and there’s a lot of context,” Craig revealed. “There’s two months of stuff that no one has seen yet, and unfortunately, the end result came out and I just think that those gaps will be filled in a little better when everyone gets to watch.”

After Andy Cohen, 55, pointed out that Craig should’ve texted Carl by now to let him know he’s in his thoughts, Craig admitted he should have.

“It just feels like you’re walking around land mines with that stuff but you’re right, I should do better,” he agreed.

Then, when asked if he anticipated the breakup, Craig shared that Lindsay and Carl had a rocky summer.

“I don’t wanna be that guy but like, this summer’s not the easiest for them, and I was surprised that they didn’t go through with the wedding, but there’s gonna be more context,” he teased.

Moving on to the love triangle between Taylor, Austen, and Shep Rose, 43, Craig suspected Shep wasn’t as cool as he pretended to be with his ex’s relationship with his friend.

“I think he likes keeping tabs on Taylor, but I don’t think he thought it was gonna lead to a sleepover,” Craig mentioned.

After Madison, 32, pointed out that Austen “probably” should have told Shep that Taylor had slept over, Craig admitted to feeling that the two of them were “really pushing it” with their hangouts.

“Nobody cares about Austen in this. We just care about [Olivia Flowers]. That’s the problem,” Madison clarified.

And Craig agreed, saying, “Everyone’s like worried about them and I think Paige and you are like, ‘Has anyone checked on Olivia?’”

Speaking of Paige, Craig said he “felt bad” for Taylor as she suggested his girlfriend had cheated.

“I didn’t realize how kind of bad of a spot she was in and I was like, ‘Oh you’re really not doing too well.’ She was just lashing out at people.”

When Craig was then asked if he’s stayed in touch with Kathryn, he noted he’s “tried” before teasing her potential return to Southern Charm.

“We really miss Kathryn and we hope she’s doing well, and I think there’s an opening in the future to come back, but I think she’s just trying to work her stuff out,” he suspected, seemingly giving a nod to her custody troubles.

Also on the show, Craig was confronted by a fan who wanted to know why he’s stayed with Paige despite her seemingly being uninterested in marriage.

“We love each other and you can’t let the stress of what might happen in the future ruin today,” he replied. “And all I had was rom-coms to go off of. I thought you dated, there was a conflict, and then you got engaged and married, and clearly, that’s not real life.”

Continuing on, Craig said, “I had some growing up to do. I’m a lot better today than I was a year ago but last year I thought I was ready, but I just, I’m excited for that day when it happens, but we just had our two-year anniversary, and honestly, there’s a lot of couples on Bravo that we’re not trying to end up like. We want it to work, like sustainable growth.”

As fans may recall, Craig declared months ago on WWHL that he and Paige would be engaged by this time. Looking back, Craig said he was “stupid.”

“Two years is still not that long, but we’re in a really good place. We’re excited and you’ll get to see all those convos,” he added.

Southern Charm season nine airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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