Psychological illusion specialist Derren Brown is returning to U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 for the first time in three years with “Showman,” his recent, interactive one-man live stage show.

Brown, who has a long relationship with the broadcaster, was on Channel 4 in 2020 with the special “Derren Brown, 20 Years of Mind Control: Live.”

“Showman” is billed as Brown’s most personal and emotional show to date, centering on themes of how life’s difficulties bring people together, and living life attentively. Half a million people were taken through the journey of the show in theaters across the U.K. It concluded a 14-week run at London’s Apollo Theatre earlier this month.

Brown said: “It’s had the best response of any show I’ve done. It’s lovely to know, and I’ve been very touched to read and hear people’s responses to it so far – it’s a very personal project and it’ll be wonderful to have it air on Channel 4, which has been my home for over two decades.”

The full collection of Brown’s works can be found on VOD service All 4.

Brown said: “Channel 4 have consistently allowed me the creative freedom to push boundaries and innovate as far as possible, so it’s a real joy to bring what I feel is my best show to date to Channel 4 audiences.”

“Derren Brown: Showman” will air on Channel 4 at the end of April.

Brown began performing in 1992, and made his television debut with “Derren Brown: Mind Control” in 2000. His 2006 show “Something Wicked This Way Comes” and his 2012 show “Svengali” won him Laurence Olivier awards for best entertainment. He made his Broadway debut with his 2019 stage show “Secret.”

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