From proctalgia fugax (painful spasms in your rear) to intense stomach cramps, endometriosis flare-ups can be vast and extremely excruciating — especially when you haven’t yet found pain relief to manage it. Campaigns and communications manager for Endometriosis UK, Faye Farthing, spoke to The Independent and mentioned that other endometriosis symptoms can include “pelvic pain […] irregular periods, pain during or after sex, painful bowel movements,” and more. Sometimes, when explaining endometriosis symptoms to others who cannot relate, it can make you feel like you are over-exaggerating the pain. This can leave you feeling invalidated or dismissed over a very real pain you are experiencing, which can put you down at the best of times.

That’s why it’s important to still have a belief that there is real validity in your symptoms, even when it seems like others around you are struggling to understand. It’s this belief in yourself that will drive you to keep going until you arrive at a point where you are offered the right treatment that will better help you manage your endometriosis. When you let the dismissal of others override the real pain you’re experiencing, it doesn’t get you any closer to managing your symptoms. Whilst it requires a lot of willpower in the beginning, on top of the pain you’re experiencing, believing in yourself is the best way to push for more answers.

Post source: The List

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