With Valentine’s Day season upon us, we’re going to see a lot of rom-coms. What sets “Maybe I Do” apart?

I think what sets “Maybe I Do” apart is it’s an adult film. I mean, it’s about adults who are grappling with their marriages, their issues, and it’s unusual in that regard. Then there’s also the younger couple and what they’re going through in the very same kind of thing, but different because they’re young.

In that regard, our director, [Michael] Jacobs, did a great job on this movie because it’s a very specific kind of movie. You’re talking about marriage, being together for so many years and [it] not working, and then somehow coming back together and making it work and having problems with friends. I thought it was really interesting and unique, and I’m in it.

[As] you said, most rom-coms feature a younger couple, but [in] this, the meat of the storyline was actually around the older adults and the relationship issues you face as time passes in marriage. How important do you think it is for Hollywood to continue featuring narratives like this that women of all ages can relate to?

For me, I just like certain kinds of films. I’m happy that I was fortunate enough to be in that film and play that role. And the people were fantastic and really good, so it’s tricky.

It’s unique because you don’t usually go to a theater and sit down and … I’ve done that a lot, though, going to the theater, especially these last few months of [the strange situation] we’ve been having. I go a lot to the movie theater, and usually there’s only about five people there. And maybe I’ll have a friend with me, but I love it.

We see how your character, Grace, feels about love and marriage, especially in relation to some opposing opinions from other characters. What is your personal take on marriage and whether it should be seen as the “end all, be all” that society sometimes treats it as?

I’m pretty sure that I’m weird because I’ve never been married. It’s just who I am and what I am going to do. I learned a lot from what I saw with my parents, and I loved them, but I went a different path.

“Maybe I Do” debuts in theaters today, January 27.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

Post source: The List

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