Donny Osmond is not the only member of the Osmond family to step into the world of reality competition shows. One of his sons, Chris Osmond, kept his fellow “Claim to Fame” castmembers on their toes until the finale when he and Monay (aka Jerrica Brooks, J.B. Smoove’s daughter) were eliminated and Gabriel (Nick Cannon’s brother) was crowned the winner. 

Osmond praised his son’s performance on “Claim to Fame,” telling People how some generations would have no trouble recognizing Chris as his son. “This dynamic of having Chris on the show,” Donny said, “that’s what’s making it exciting because the older generation, they know exactly what it is. And the younger kids, they have no idea.”

The star even called back to his own time on “The Masked Singer,” saying, “It’s funny because Chris has been so tight-lipped about [‘Claim to Fame’]. I get it because when I was doing ‘The Masked Singer,’ I couldn’t tell anyone.” 

Post source: The List

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