Hair Trends Everyone Ditched In 2023


In recent years, hair trends like platinum blonde, split dyes, and color blocking have led to many fun colors and expressive styles, but they’ve also come at a price. The frequent bleaching or dying required to maintain bold fashion colors leads to hair damage like split ends, thinning, and breakage. This is, in fact, one of the reasons balayage is falling out of favor in 2024. Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena told Glamour, “The process of balayage can start to build up damage in the hair after a while, and everyone’s looking to improve their hair since we want it to be healthy.”

In 2024, hair trends are moving towards more natural and subtle styles. As warmer tones and more natural hair colors become popular, you can pick colors that highlight your skin tone and focus more on hair health. This is an especially great idea if you’ve had a fashion color that’s damaged your hair. Use the more understated trends as an opportunity to give your hair a break and allow regrowth.

Hair care TikTok videos have started to gain more and more traction as people are drawn towards scalp and hair treatments to promote shiny, voluminous locks. Rosemary oils, scalp scrubs, and more intensive hair care routines are going to become prominent in the coming year. “I think in the new year we will see a rising trend in homemade scalp scrubs,” Phoebe Friend confirmed to Country & Town House. “We’ve learned the benefits of natural ingredients like rosemary oil and have a better understanding of the importance of scalp care when it comes to promoting hair growth.” So say goodbye to harsh colors and hello to healthy, thick hair.

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