HGTV Star Jenny Marrs Had A Heartwarming First Morning With Adopted Daughter Sylvie


The Arkansas-based Marrs family, consisting of parents Jenny and Dave and their children by birth, twins Nathan and Ben, and daughter Charlotte, welcomed Sylvie home in 2014. The family’s youngest, Luke, was born in 2019. A decade after her adoption, Sylvie has grown up from a toddler to a preteen.

Over the summer of 2023, Dave, Jenny, and all their kids enjoyed vacations abroad. Jenny shared photos of all her children in London, Italy, and even Paris, posed in front of the Eiffel Tower. Though Sylvie is one year younger than her twin brothers, she almost has them beat in height. Jenny took an opportunity to gush about what a lovely young lady Sylvie was becoming when she turned 11 in January 2023, writing, “How can it be that my squishy toddler with the raspy voice and adorable accent is standing before me now as this lovely young lady exuding both strength and grace?” Continuing, “[God] knew that our little family would never have been complete without you.” The caption was shared alongside an adorable Instagram reel of Sylvie celebrating at home and the roller rink.

Jenny has also revealed that she still connects with Sylvie’s foster mom, Dr. Laure, who lives in the Congo. Telling Better Homes and Gardens, “We still have that community there that’s tied to our family in a way that’s really important.” Thanks to support from the Marrs, Sylvie may grow to value those connections, too.

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