HGTV Stars Erin And Ben Napier’s Cutest Couple Moments


Even though Erin and Ben Napier have been married since 2008, the couple still takes the time to honor the early moments of their relationship. In 2017, the HGTV stars shared the details of how they celebrated the anniversary of their first date, which took place only a few days after they first officially met.

In a blog post, Erin explained how they recreated the experience of their initial rendezvous, eating out in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, stopping for peach Nehi on the way home, and pausing to share a kiss at a familiar four-way stop. After sharing these details, she provided some heartwarming insight into how the HGTV couple has made it work after so many years.

“I think an important part of why we are more crazy about each other 13 years on is because we will never let ourselves forget how it felt when we were brand new,” Erin wrote. “As long as you can always remember that and feel the same flutter you felt when you were young, it doesn’t matter how old you become or how different you are — you’re still the same people you were who fell in love and shared a Nehi and a kiss at 4 in the morning.”

Post source: The List

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