How Adam Brody Almost Blew His Big Break On The O.C.


In “Welcome to the O.C.: An Oral History,” according to Bustle, Patrick Rush revealed that Adam Brody’s audition for “The O.C.” left a lot to be desired, with Josh Schwartz being unimpressed and hesitant to proceed. “He was disrespectful of the material,” Rush explained. Stephanie Savage echoed the sentiment, sharing, “He didn’t say anything as written. Josh and I were like, ‘Why did you bring that guy back? He sucks.'”

However, Rush saw Brody’s potential for the role, so he made him learn the lines properly. Once he was able not to veer off course with his delivery, Brody officially became Seth Cohen. Although initially apprehensive about joining a teen show set in a high school, Brody was won over by the script. “I thought, ‘Okay, it’s worth doing it and seeing what happens,'” he shared. While we love what happened, Brody ended up hating his role on “The O.C.”

Speaking with Us Weekly, the actor admitted he was tired of talking about the show so much, so many years later. “My interests don’t lie there at all anymore,” he explained. Despite this, he did rewatch “The O.C.” for the first time in a long time, according to his interview with GQ, and he’s loving it more than ever. “It’s like looking through a high school yearbook and all the nostalgia that comes with it that wasn’t there.”

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