Nicole Sodoma, a divorce attorney and author of “Please Don’t Say You’re Sorry”, tells PureWow, “Some couples think that as long as they are together it counts as ‘time spent,’ but if you’re both on your phones, computers, etc. it’s not the same as actually engaging in quality time spent together.” Being with your partner without engaging with them isn’t a form of quality time and shouldn’t be the only way you spend time with them.

If you can’t remember the last time you and your partner went on a date, you may be too comfortable together. It’s important to always prioritize your relationship, and one way to show you care for one another is to continue to plan and go out for dates. Dates are opportunities where you can spend quality time together and genuinely communicate instead of just watching TV or scrolling on your phones next to one another. Being present and communicating with your partner will lead to a stronger, healthier relationship. 

Post source: The List

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