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If you’re planning a trip to Malaysia soon, it’ll please you to know that a new shopping paradise has emerged in KL: The Exchange TRX. With more than 500 brands spread across over 95 floors, the new Malaysian landmark is a retail wonderland you don’t want to miss. Getting to Kuala Lumpur, though, is only half the battle won; the other is finding the best way to get to this shopper’s paradise, and this includes you’re driving, taking public transport and parking options. Read on to find out some of the best recommended ways.

How to get to The Exchange TRX by car

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If your transportation of choice is your trusty vehicle, the path to The Exchange TRX is a breeze. For the road warriors out there, just key in its name into your trusty Waze or any navigation software of your choice. The mall is a city gem, easily found from key urban arteries such as Jalan Tun Razak, the SMART Tunnel, or directly from the MEX and SPE elevated routes.

Travelling via Jalan Tun Razak? No matter which direction you’re coming from, the road to The Exchange TRX is clear. If you’re journeying from the Bulatan Kampung Pandan side, stick to the left and follow the yellow brick road (or in this case, the slip road) that leads straight to the TRX Tunnel. For those adventuring from the Mont Kiara or Damansara direction, remember to keep left, then veer onto the right slip road which will guide you to the tunnel entrance.

SMART Tunnel explorers can navigate their way to the mall by simply taking the exit marked ‘TRX’. This magical exit leads you straight into the belly of the TRX Tunnel, from where you can choose from four different exits and find yourself stepping right into The Exchange TRX.

Parking rates at The Exchange TRX

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Once there, parking is as plentiful as Aladdin’s cave, with rates at MYR 5 (approx. HKD 8.35) for the first hour and MYR 4 (approx. HKD 6.68) for each following hour on weekdays, and a maximum daily cap of MYR 30 (approx. HKD 50.11). On weekends, the rate drops to MYR 3 (approx. HKD 5) for the first hour and each following hour, also with a maximum daily cap of MYR 30. For the night owls, there’s a special flat rate of MYR 10 (approx. HKD 16.70) for entry between 5pm and 5am on both weekdays and weekends.

For those seeking a dash of premium, parking is also available at the Concourse Floor, offering direct access to The Exchange TRX. This exclusive area can be accessed from Persiaran TRX, just past the Luxury Drop-off. The first hour costs MYR 15 (approx. HKD 25), with MYR 4  (approx. HKD 6.68) for each subsequent hour. The maximum daily rate is MYR 50 (approx. HKR 83.52). For the nocturnal visitors, a flat rate of MYR 25 (approx. HKD 41.76) applies for entry between 5pm and 5am.

Motorcycle knights aren’t forgotten, with parking at MYR 2 (approx. HKD 3.34) per entry every day, including public holidays.

Getting to The Exchange TRX via public transport

If you’re an eco-warrior or simply prefer public transport, The Exchange TRX is just a stone’s throw away from the Tun Razak Exchange MRT station. Regardless of your train line, all you need to do is disembark at this station and stroll through the pedestrian link that leads straight to The Exchange TRX at the Concourse level.

To make your journey even more enchanting, The Exchange TRX app offers real-time updates on parking availability in each zone. It also includes a ‘Find My Car’ feature, acting as your personal locator spell if you forget where you’ve parked.

With these guides, your journey to The Exchange TRX, whether by car or public transport, promises to be an effortless adventure. Enjoy your time exploring this retail wonderland.

(All images used courtesy of The Exchange TRX)

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