Emotional boundaries are all about determining what responsibilities and burdens are yours and which ones are not. When someone has poor emotional boundaries, they often dump their emotional worries onto others, making their partners, friends, or families have to deal with the underlying issue, too. Not respecting a person’s emotional boundaries is a form of disrespect like any other violation of one’s boundaries. “Boundaries are the separations that humans need — mentally, emotionally, and physically — to feel safe, valued, and respected,” said Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of “Date Smart,” in an interview with Real Simple. Separate the problems that are yours to deal with and the ones that are not.

This goes both ways, too: If you find yourself often emotionally unloading onto others — like snapping in anger, making snarky comments, or picking at their insecurities — check yourself and try to discover the root cause of your emotional turmoil. Other people should not do the emotional labor for you.

Post source: The List

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