One of the biggest advantages of quiet hiring is the growth potential. In an interview with SHRM, Brian Ferguson, a talent acquisition leader and the founder of recruiting consultancy company The Talent Trailblazer, argued: “Temporary assignments can help employees gain new skills and experiences and lead to long-term career advancement.” According to Mondo, if you’re being quiet-hired, your employer recognizes two important things in you: Your potential growth and the value you bring to the company. 

Thus, you can leverage your position to get a pay raise and even a better job title down the line. It’s essential to document your achievements and skills throughout the quiet hiring assignment to build a concise case for future promotion, per Don’t Waste Your Money. One major reason behind the rising popularity of quiet quitting was employees’ feelings of being stuck in dead-end jobs that weren’t very fulfilling and purposeful (via Forbes). 

The additional responsibilities that come with quiet hiring may help staffers to discover passions in other areas and to feel more confident after completing new tasks. Dr. Shonna Waters, Ph.D., the vice president of alliance solutions at virtual coaching platform BetterUp, presented another emotional upside to Well and Good: “If you’re being quietly hired, use this juncture to create some space for reflection and assess your mindset.” 

Post source: The List

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