How Whoopi Goldberg Really Felt About Nicolle Wallace Leaving The View


At the outset of the final episode of Season 18 for “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg made it clear she didn’t like that Nicolle Wallace got the boot from ABC. Goldberg said, “My friend Nicolle is leaving our show. You have to ask ABC why,” adding, “I can’t tell you [why]; I don’t know” (via The Hollywood Reporter).

As it turns out, ABC was reportedly dissatisfied with Wallace’s performance, citing concerns that she did not represent the Republican side fiercely enough and lacked knowledge about celebrities, Deadline reported. In her interview with The Los Angeles Times, Wallace said that the season she was on simply wasn’t controversial enough for her to engage in heated debates. “It really was a casting, and it was a casting they didn’t like,” she shared, likely alluding to the network’s preference for “The View” arguments that went way too far.

The manner in which Wallace was let go only added to the difficulty of the situation. In a talk with Variety, Wallace revealed that nobody from ABC had approached her or communicated any concerns about her performance. “Listen, it’s all fair. I wasn’t wronged by anybody,” Wallace told the magazine, adding, “But I was surprised to learn in the press about their decision not to bring me back.” After finally getting in touch, ABC proposed a demotion for Wallace, suggesting she appear on the show only once a week, which she declined.

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