Jason Segel is sharing how he really felt during the final seasons of How I Met Your Mother.

The 43-year-old actor famously played Marshall Ericksen throughout the CBS series run from 2005 until 2014.

In a new interview during THR’s Round Table, Jason recalled his time on the popular sitcom and revealed how he hid how unhappy he truly was in the final seasons.

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Jason shared that there “was a period in my life and career around the last couple of years of How I Met Your Mother where things were firing in both movies and TV, and everyone was telling me how well it was going and I was really unhappy.”

“I then had to grapple with why? What’s off about this equation?” he went on. “I think the thing that I was confronted with is that it’s really great to make the decision of ‘f*** it, I do what I want,’ but unfortunately there’s a system of permission in place where people will go, ‘We don’t give a sh** [what you want to do].’ Like, ‘Good for you, man.’”

Jason also spoke of how he did feel a bit lost of what he wanted to do after the series ended, saying that he “didn’t know what I wanted to do next. I really wondered if I was actually good enough to do drama.”

“I took a movie called The End of the Tour to play David Foster Wallace. The degree of difficulty of it not looking like a Saturday Night Live sketch, when you get the glasses and the bandanna and you’re saying the lines, felt so high,” he shared. “I also had no system of prep because you prep differently for comedy.”

Jason says that “there was a lot of improv in how we came up, and these were big chunks of dialogue. I literally just played in my head, ‘What would Edward Norton do?’ I got a dialect coach and I did all these things that I heard you do if you’re a real actor. But man, I was scared.”

In another recent interview, Jason opened up about if he’d cameo on How I Met Your Father. Here’s what he said…

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