For those with smaller busts, it may seem outrageous that someone would want to make their breasts look smaller. But big-breasted people know the struggle large boobs can bring. If you are looking to decrease the look of your breasts, whether it’s for a specific outfit or for everyday use, consider finding a minimizer bra. Dora Lau recommends them specifically for those with big breasts who are seeking a comfortable bra with added support, but a minimizer bra can be worn by just about anyone, no matter the size of your chest.

When searching for the perfect minimizer bra, Lau suggests looking for something with minimal stretch and a V-shaped back. According to Suzanne Macbale, CEO and founder of New York-based lingerie brand LoveSuze, her top characteristics when looking for a minimizer bra are the width of the straps (the wider, the better) and the support and padding in the bra. Beyond that, you’ll need to try on a minimizer bra to know if it works for you. Once it’s on your body, pay attention to how comfortable it is and the way the straps sit. Do they dig into your shoulders? Do the straps stay up nicely? Finding the right one will instantly make your breasts look smoother and supported.

Post source: The List

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